Family that adopts kids with special needs gets one child life changing surgery

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DENVER -- The Salem family is pretty special.  Adeye and Anthony have three biological sons named Connor, Kellan and Cade.

Now the Wellington couple has adopted six special needs children from around the world. “We wouldn`t have life any other way. It`s just  such a joy,” Adeye said.

They say their journey started after a visit to a Chinese orphanage. “Nothing could prepare us for what we saw that day, just so many children with, a lot of them very minor, very correctible needs, in a an orphanage. It absolutely broke our hearts. It did. It just changed us,” Adeye said.

The family brought home Hannah-Claire from China, then Haven.

They brought Hailee and Harper home from Ukraine. Both have down syndrome.

Kael and Hasya came from Bulgaria.

Hasya, who is blind and has cerebral palsy, was in a terrible state. “She spent 15 years lying flat on her back in a crib with no human touch whatsoever,” Adeye said. The girl was completely emaciated and barely clinging to life.

The Salems brought her to Colorado and got her nourishment and care. But her spine problems worsened.

When Hasya came to the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children she was 18-years-old, weighed 40 pounds and the curvature of her spine was almost 90 degrees.

Dr. Jaren Riley performed a complicated surgery. “We used titanium screws and a rod, called cobalt chromium, that allows us to straighten things out and she straightened out incredibly well,” Dr. Riley said.

Hasya is now four inches taller and able to sit up in her wheel chair. “She just is so courageous, I can’t tell you,” Anthony said.

The family is grateful for the care and grateful for the life they are able to provide. “It’s busy and we don`t sit down very often, but we just absolutely love caring for our family,” Adeye said.

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