Dashcam video shows Philando Castile shooting

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ST. ANTHONY, Minn. — Police on Wednesday released dashcam video that shows officer Jeronimo Yanez fatally shooting Philando Castile.

Yanez, a police officer in St. Anthony, Minnesota, was acquitted Friday of second-degree manslaughter and related charges in Castile’s shooting.

The St. Anthony Police Department later announced he would not return to the force.

“I was stunned,” said Glenda Hatchett, a former judge who is representing Castile’s family. “I was absolutely stunned. I knew, in theory, what to expect, but we all saw it for the first time when the jury saw it. I think that it really … shows that Yanez actually panicked.”

Castile’s death and Yanez’s aquittal have raised further questions in an ongoing national debate about police accountability and use of excessive force.

“I am still baffled at how 12 people could come to the conclusion to acquit him in this manner,” Hatchett said. “I do think this is a compelling example of a man who doesn’t have — he’s not a fleeing felon, he’s not combative with the police, he’s doing everything that he’s been asked to, and yet he still loses his life.

“That’s the problem I’m having, the family is having, and so many people in this country are wrestling with this issue.”

Hatchett is looking at “next steps” in a civil lawsuit on behalf of Valerie Castile, Philando Castile’s mother and the administrator of his estate, but declined to confirm a report that something has been filed in federal court.

“I hope that the nation will really look at this carefully,” she said. “I hope that we as a nation will move to a different place because we’re seeing these shootings far, far, far too often.”


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