Fight the Hormone Changes of Aging

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It's something we all have to face whether we want to our not: getting older and dealing with all the fun hormone changes that come with aging. Things like irritability, inability to handle stress, depression, fatigue, sleep challenges and so much more. But you don't have to suffer through all those symptoms. Doctor Carrie Louise Daenell is a Naturpathic Doctor with more than 18 years experience balancing hormones in simple, affordable ways that help women take back their lives. The personalized care she provides makes the most of the benefits of Bio Identical Hormone Support, while targeting nutritional supplementation to provide risk reduction for long-term sustainable balance.

Dr. Daenell joined us this morning to share how to naturally balance the 40s mind and body through supplementation and bio-identical hormones.

Don't waste another good day feeling less than your best. Dr. Daenell has a great offer for our viewers: the first 25 callers get over $200 off their initial consultation. Call now so you can meet with her and begin to sort this out for only $199. Call now at (303)399-8050 or go online to for more information about heart health, bone health and digestion.

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