Nearly 80 residents displaced after roof collapses at Lakewood apartment building

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Nearly 80 residents were displaced after the roof collapsed at an apartment building in Lakewood on Sunday.

Officials said they were concerned the roof of a second building could also collapse.

It happened at the Maplewood Village Apartments near Wadsworth Boulevard and West Ninth Avenue.

A resident captured the moment when the center of the roof started to collapse.

"Right as it collapsed, I heard everything fall and people when scattering, and I came around the corner and all the shingles were gone, and it was one of the craziest things I've ever seen," resident Jeremy Rudolph said.

A resident said the roof had been damaged in a hailstorm a few weeks ago.

Roofers had placed loads of shingles on two roofs, with the plan to come back in a few days to repair it, West Metro Fire Rescue said.

On Sunday, the roof was bowing and dipping in where the shingles were placed.

A resident called 911 to report the issue and the building was evacuated before the collapse, according to West Metro Fire Rescue.

No one was hurt, but fire officials said it could have been really bad if people has still been inside.

"I just grabbed what I needed in that moment because everything is material and everything else I can go in the store and go buy again versus our lives and that's what's more important than anything else that's in that apartment," resident Jael Andres-Jacinto said.

Officials said the roof of a second building is "potentially unstable." That building has also been evacuated.

Twenty-four units are affected. Officials said it could be up to two months before residents can return home.

The American Red Cross is providing assistance for displaced residents.