Moose caught on camera running down Aspen street

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ASPEN, Colo. — Two Pitkin County sheriff’s deputies were in their patrol car in downtown Aspen when a moose came trotting by on Thursday morning.

Deputies Anthony Todaro and Quinton Wheatley caught the moose on Hopkins Avenue with their cellphones.

The Aspen Police Department posted Todaro’s video to its Facebook page.

Police reminded residents and tourists that moose are not friendly and they shouldn’t be approached.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife issued a moose warning after two separate attacks this month.

On June 2, a 64-year-old Jamestown woman was gardening when a moose with two calves attacked the woman’s dog.

The moose stomped the woman as she ran to the house and attacked second woman who came out to help.

On June 10,  a moose charged a woman and her dog near Fraser, then stepped on the woman’s leg after she dropped to the ground.

Wildlife officials say moose caring for newborns this time of year are especially defensive and aggressive, and won’t hesitate to charge people and their pets to defend their young.