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AURORA, Colo. -- A couple have been planning their wedding for months and are getting married Saturday.

They booked the reception venue 18 months ago, but this week, Luna's Event Center in Aurora suddenly shut its doors.

The venue posted a note from the Aurora Fire Department that said it's unsafe to occupy.

The couple specifically picked June 17 for their wedding day because it's the day they started dating six years ago.

The couple signed a contract and have paid $5,000 ahead of the event.

Bride Marylou Bustillos said the owner is refusing to give her a refund.

"I called him Sunday, texted him. Nothing," Bustillos said. "And then Monday morning, he called me at 11 and he told me, 'Hey, I’m sorry I’m just in shock that the city won’t let me get permits for your wedding. They just won’t. I had high hopes but I can’t make it happen.'"

Luna's Event Center has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Bustillos said the ceremony will go on and the reception likely will be in a backyard.

"But it’s like, where we can find the chairs all that stuff. But we don’t know anybody with a big backyard," Bustillos said.