Local veteran needs intercom system fixed to receive medication

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AURORA, Colo. -- A local veteran is desperate to get the intercom system at his condominium building fixed.

Without it, receiving his pain and post-traumatic stress disorder medication is becoming a huge hassle, and he’s afraid of what will happen if he’s forced to skip a dose.

Levi Roybal  lives in Sable Landing in Aurora. He receives his medications from the VA by mail. He said the trouble started when he moved to the condo five months ago. Roybal said the intercom system does not work.

“Without the intercom, I don’t know if there is a package waiting for me that I need to sign for,” Roybal said.

The Navy veteran served in the first Gulf War on board the USS Independence CV-62. During his time on the ship, he had an accident and hurt his back.  More than 20 years later,  he still feels the shooting pain.

“It’s a constant stabbing. Then it goes numb. I mean it’s horrible ,” Roybal said.

He also suffers from PTSD. Roybal is on a strict routine to keep his pain at bay and his emotions in check.

“If I don’t take my meds, I’m a wreck.  I’m unpredictable. I’m moody.  I get sad,” he said.

It’s why something as simple as a broken intercom system is complicating Roybal’s life.

He said postal service employees are not allowed to call him directly and because the building he lives in is secure, they can’t hand deliver the medications to his door.

Roybal said it recently took him almost two weeks to track down his pain medication after he missed its delivery.

“When I start running low, I start panicking and freaking out,” he said.

Roybal said he’s asked management to fix the intercom and said they give him the runaround every time.

A man named Rowan said the management company, Allen Associates, has had issues with the intercom in the past and is considering replacing it.

He was unaware the system was down again and said he would have maintenance check it out.

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