Video shows fight between Pueblo man and former NFL coach Rex Ryan

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — TMZ Sports has footage of a scuffle between a Pueblo man and Rex and Rob Ryan in a Nashville, Tennessee, bar.

The video appears to show the former Buffalo Bills and New York Jets coach Rex Ryan cursing out the bar patron and then spilling a margarita on the man.

The man assaulted by Ryan is 30-year-old Matthew Havel of Pueblo. Havel has filed a police report accusing both brothers of simple assault.

It went down Sunday at Margaritaville, a bar in downtown Nashville near Bridgestone Arena.

The video shows Havel chatting up the Ryan brothers and another man at the Ryans’ table.

The conversation appears friendly until Rex Ryan becomes visibly angry and Rob Ryan, a former NFL defensive coordinator, shoves Havel.

Rex Ryan then grabs the man’s drink to move it to another table, someone bumps his elbow and the drink splashes on Havel.

Police spokesman Don Aaron said Havel claimed he was at the table for more than an hour before Rex Ryan “reached across and grabbed at his neck.”

Havel filed a police report Sunday night accusing both brothers of simple assault. Aaron said no arrests have been made and no charges are outstanding.