SUV stolen with dog inside found in southern Colorado

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TRINIDAD, Colo. — A man whose SUV was stolen with his dog still inside Friday morning was found in Trinidad late Friday night. The dog was fine.

“I received a call from the Colorado State Patrol … that they found Wuki (and Jeep) in Trinidad, CO,” Dan Meinerz posted on Facebook.

Meinerz was lucky. But authorities said it’s a good reminder not to leave pets in vehicles. Meinerz lost his best friend while making a quick coffee run in Denver.

He left the vehicle running with the air conditioner on for his 5-year-old border collie, Wuki, that was with him.

The man said he locked all of the doors but one, and someone was watching.

Wuki was last seen outside of Nixon’s Coffee House near East Louisiana Avenue and South Pearl Street in the Washington Park area, until he and the stolen vehicle were found almost 200 miles away in Trinidad.