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Safe Skateboarding at Night

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A lot of kids prefer to skateboard at night to avoid the heat, but that can be dangerous, as life-long skater Chad Sandiford experienced first hand. He lost a dear friend in 2006 after he was hit by a car while riding his skateboard home one night. That tragedy inspired Chad to come up with a way to light up a skateboard. He created Third Kind Skateboard Lights.

Our Producer asked a few of the skaters in her neighborhood to try it on a longboard. The lights definitely make it easier to spot a skater in the darkness. What's really cool about the strips is that you can customize it to be one of seven colors, or have it cycle through all of them. If you're handy with a screwdriver and ratchet, it's pretty easy to install. The military-grade case just attaches to the skateboard's own hardware, and the light strip can be cut to size. It's water resistant, comes with a USB charger, and each charge lasts for 10 hours!

If you want to "get lit, be seen, and stay safe," visit and pick up a light for $49.95.