Woman using car pool lane busted for fake baby on board

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A Minnesota woman was nailed with a $186 fine for driving with a baby on board. A fake baby.

MN State Patrol

KARE11 reported that a trooper pulled the woman over for possibly abusing the terms of the requirements for using the Interstate’s high occupancy lane.

When he approached the car he noticed a “Baby on Board” sign posted in the back windshield as well as a car seat, blankets and all the other trappings that accompany taking a little one on a car ride.

Photo: MN State Patrol

A spokesperson for the state patrol said that when the trooper pushed the woman to explain why she was trying to pass off a doll as a passenger, she claimed the car seat belonged to her two-year-old.

The woman said the two-year-old had wrapped up the doll and strapped her in the seat.

Photo: MN State Patrol

According to the spokesperson, the seat was designed for an infant and a 2-year-old would not be able to fit into it which led the officer to conclude the woman was attempting to skirt the car pool rules.

Parents with (real) babies are allowed to use high occupancy lanes.

In Minnesota, the “dummy passenger” trick isn’t used much anymore and troopers only find one or two people a year trying to pull the trick.

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