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Tech Review: SnapPower re-inventing power outlet

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If you have little ones running around the house then you know how important it is to protect those power outlets.  Luckily newer outlets have protection built-in but most homes don’t have those yet.  The old school child safety plugs are a pain in the tail.  Now, a company in Utah has figured out a smarter, more elegant way to protect the power outlets from curious little hands.  It’s called SnapPower SafeLight.

Installing the SafeLight is as easy as turning off the breaker for that outlet, replacing the power outlet plate and then turning the power back on.  In my test it took me a total of 5 minutes for one outlet.  That’s it, you’re done!

SafeLight blocks the outlets until you slide the plastic piece over to reveal the holes.  It works like many child safety devices already on the market but it’s built into the faceplate!  It looks sleek and custom.

On top of the child safety aspect, SafeLight also has small LEDs built into the bottom of the faceplate.  You hardly notice them if you’re not looking for them.  When you turn off the lights, it glows!  It creates an ambient light that illuminates the floor or a countertop.  It’s what makes the SafeLight even better than just a typical child safety device.

SnapPower SafeLight is a great option to keep those outlets protected without those ugly outlet plugs while also adding a cool night light glow around your home.  You can buy individual SafeLights for $17 or spend less when you buy a 5-pack or a 10-pack.  You can buy them on Amazon or online at

DSC_0678Another cool option from SnapPower is the SnapPower USB Charger.  Installation is the same, and just as easy, as the SafeLight but it adds a USB port to your power outlet.  Not only does it make charging your smartphone or tablet convenient, it frees up an outlet from that standard charging brick.  This is such an easy, perfect upgrade for a kitchen or office outlet.

I do want to point out that it only charges at 1 amp.  Some chargers run at 2.1 amps or higher so you may see a slower charge than you're used it.  It will depend a lot on your phone or tablet.

None the less, on-sale for $20, this is one of the easiest and slickest upgrades you can make to your power outlet with a simple flathead screwdriver.  Buy in bulk from SnapPower and you can get them for as little as $16/each.