Homeless veteran finds place to live near wife’s nursing home

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MORRISON, Colo. --  A homeless veteran, wanting nothing more than to live near his nursing home-bound wife, has found the help he was seeking.

Steve Morrow’s story in mid-May quickly went viral, leading to a nationwide response to help.

Morrow originally left a handwritten note at the Morrison post office asking for a place to park his van near Bear Creek Nursing Home, where his wife, Janet, is battling Alzheimer’s.

The veteran recently became homeless after losing his job. Moments after the FOX31 Problem Solvers shared the story, hundreds of emails offering money arrived.

But Morrow, who receives a modest Social Security check, said he did not feel comfortable taking the money. He only wanted one thing.

“Being able to be close enough to see my wife every day,” Morrow said.

His request was something nursing home staffers knew nothing about. Many of the employees who care for Janet Morrow had no idea the man they see daily was in such need.

“A lot of us, including myself, felt -- how come we didn’t know that,” Bear Creek Nursing Home employee Barbara Porreca said.

But that need is no longer an issue thanks to those staffers.

In the last week of May, employees found a piece of land for Morrow to rent cheaply on a privately owned camping area with all the necessary amenities.

The plot of land, not far from a lake, is near Janet Morrow's nursing home and just big enough for Steve Morrow to park a vehicle.

“To me, is great because it’s like camping,” Morrow said. "I’ve got a lake there, and it’s camping.”

Morrow said a silver lining to his homelessness includes the new friends he has made since leaving the note at the post office.

To all of the people across the country who have offered help, Morrow says thanks.

“We often see the bad, but there’s an incredible amount of good out there,” he said.

Morrow said living on the campsite will be perfect during the warmer months. He is already trying to figure out where he will live during the winter.