Jerry Springer reportedly considering running for governor of Ohio

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Talk-show host Jerry Springer is being urged to run for governor of Ohio, Business Insider reported Tuesday.

Springer was elected mayor of Cincinnati in 1971 but resigned in 1974 after a raid at a brothel in Kentucky revealed he’d written a check for prostitution services.

“The Jerry Springer Show” debuted in 1991 and became notorious for its scandalous topics, raucous guests and snarky audience members.

By 1998, the daytime talk show was watched by nearly 12 million Americans every day, according to Slate.

Now, Springer reportedly is being encouraged to run for governor in 2018 by several influential Ohio Democrats.

“Those discussing a possible run with the talk-show host include Ted Strickland, the former Ohio governor who ran for Senate last year,” Business Insider reported Tuesday.

Springer has reportedly “met repeatedly with many Ohio Democrats and state power brokers.”

“I think he has a very strong ability to communicate what I think is the heart of the Democratic message,” Business Insider quoted Strickland as saying.

Springer was known for closing each episode with the words “Take care of yourself and each other.”

Others are not so sure Springer is the right man for the job.

“This seems like the exact wrong strategy to fix our politics. We need less ‘Jerry Springer’ style communication and celebrity stuff,” ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd stated.

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