Von Miller is ready to dance with NFL’s new celebration rules

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Von Miller is very excited with the rule change the NFL made on Tuesday allowing for touchdown celebrations on the field.

The Broncos linebacker even suggested the team bring in a choreographer to help the other guys on the team.

“I was waiting for this question,” Miller said in excitement when a reporter asked about the new rule during his Wednesday news conference.

“I think that is a wonderful thing. It’s so hard to score touchdowns, its so hard to get a sack. The fans want excitement.

“We gotta get a choreographer in here once a week to help the other guys out, not everyone has moves like your boy.”

Miller added the choreographer would help the team take “full advantage” of the new rule. He thinks the move will be a “wonderful thing” for the team and the NFL.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the change to the celebration rules on Tuesday.

The rules will allow players more freedom in the end zone, allowing them to do things such as celebrate on the ground with things like snow angels.

Players will also be allowed to celebrate in groups and be able to use the ball as a prop.

Those celebrations have been banned in recent years, earning the NFL the nickname “No Fun League.”

“We know that you love the spontaneous displays of emotion that come after a spectacular touchdown,” Goodell said in an announcement to fans.

“And players have told us they want more freedom to be able to express themselves and celebrate their athletic achievements.”