Striking zoo workers exhibit wildly funny protest signs

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TORONTO — The Toronto Zoo is closed to visitors because of a labor dispute, but the striking workers have some wildly funny signs on display.

One read, “You bet giraffe we’re striking.”

Another stated, “Don’t make us irrelephant.”

Other striking workers held signs that read, “Jurassic Park was understaffed too,” and “Let’s stay strong and carrion.”

“Due to the strike by Toronto Zoo’s unionized CUPE 1600 employees, the Zoo is closed to all visitors,” the zoo stated in its Twitter bio Tuesday. “We apologize.”

“The Toronto Zoo’s negotiation team regrets to report that, despite its efforts to end the current disruption, the Union has, once again, rejected a reasonable compromise,” zoo officials stated.

While many zoo workers are on strike, veterinarians are still on the job, reported David Rider with the The Toronto Star. And the vets have been busy.

On Tuesday, the zoo announced the births of snow leopard, clouded leopard and cheetah cubs.

Two clouded leopard cubs were born on May 13 — for the first time in the zoo’s history — and three snow leopard cubs were born on May 18.