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Legal Minute with Phil Harding: Car Insurance

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You know it's the law, you have to have car insurance, but you may not realize how important it is, especially if you're hit by a driver without insurance. Colorados Best Attorney Phil Harding explains the coverage you need in today's Legal Minute.

Why do you wear a seat belt? Well, it's the law, but also just in case you get in an accident. The same applies with car insurance. It's the law to have insurance on your car, but also just in case you're in a car accident. Here's a tip that will help you protect yourself and those in your care if you're in an accident.

It's known that 1 out of 6 people driving on Colorado's roads have no insurance, so make sure you maximize your own UM/UIM. You can't control who runs into you. You can control how much insurance you have if the other side has little or no insurance. Get at least $100K of UM/UIM. Remember, if you're in the hospital for even a day, you will need at least $100K in coverage.

Talk to your insurance agent about an Umbrella Insurance Policy. This umbrella will add $1 million or more of coverage onto your car and home insurance for only a few hundred dollars a year.

Most importantly, make sure that this umbrella also covers you UM/UIM on your car, because that is where you will need it the most.

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