Air Force receiver Jalen Robinette removed from graduation ceremony

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Former Air Force Academy receiver Jalen Robinette did not graduate with his fellow cadets on Wednesday as part of the annual graduation ceremony.

“Cadet Robinette was removed from the graduation lineup after academy leadership became aware of information that called into question Cadet Robinette’s eligibility/qualification to graduate and commission,” the academy said in a statement.

“Cadet Robinette’s graduation and commissioning will be placed on hold while we further evaluate. Due to privacy-related concerns, we are unable to comment on the circumstances.

“We can say that the circumstances do not involve any allegations of criminal wrongdoing and are unrelated to Cadet Robinette’s professional football pursuits.”

Robinette was expected to be selected in the late rounds of the NFL Draft in April but wasn’t selected after the Department of Defense reversed its pro sports policy.

The new rule now states that athletes are required to serve a minimum of two years of active duty before they can apply for early release.

The Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots invited Robinette to participate in their rookie minicamps.