Baywatch Movie-Zac Efron & Alexandra Daddario

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Baywatch Movie-Zac Efron & Alexandra Daddario


Time break out the red swimsuits and the slo mo music... cause we're heading to Baywatch.  It was a classic TVshow back in the 90's, but this week... what's old is new again.

In Baywatch, the rock plays head lifeguard mitch buchannon... who butts head with new recruit Zac Efron..together, they uncover a local criminal plot that threatens the  future of the bay.

The beaches are  stunning...but, so are Zac Efron's abs. He went through an insane workout routine to get in shape for the movie.  

So in our Colorado exclusive, producer  Annalisa wanted to know ...what was your secret cheat day indulgence.