17-year-old earns master’s degree before graduating high school

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FAIRFAX, Va. — A Virginia high school student graduated with her master’s degree this weekend, a month before she is set to graduate high school.

Stephanie Mui,17, started taking college classes after fifth grade at a local community college.

She then had her associate’s degree by age 13 and completed an undergraduate degree last summer, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, from George Mason University, according to WTTG.

This weekend, she graduated with her master’s degree in mathematics at the Virginia university before she even graduates from high school next month.

“It’s just life to me,” Mui told WRC. “Everybody else may see it as weird. But, you know, it’s just life.”

Mui isn’t done with school yet. She plans to attend New York University in the fall and start work on a Ph.D.

“I’d like to do something involving research whether it’s in industry or academia,” Mui told WTTG. “I don’t really know. It depends on what opportunities are out there after I graduate from NYU.”

Despite all her amazing accomplishments, Mui doesn’t consider herself a genius.

“I definitely do not consider myself a genius. You know, I haven’t done anything super huge yet,” Mui said.

Mui has some advice everyone can use though.

“Usually, when I look at any problem, I see it as just a challenge, kind of like a puzzle I have to solve,” Mui told WTTG. “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are the way you learn. I’ve definitely made a lot of mistakes along the way to here. Definitely, do not be afraid.”

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