Snowstorm hits small Colorado communities hard

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WARD, Colo. -- Some small communities are dealing with what some people are describing as a monster snowstorm.

Nearly 42 inches fell in the small town of Ward, in the mountains northwest of Boulder.

It’s no big surprise to Bill Gilbert, who has lived there for years.

“There’s been times on the Fourth of July I couldn’t see the fireworks through a blizzard. We're almost at 10,000 feet here,” Gilbert said.

The storm brought most of the 150 people who live in Ward to a standstill.

But not Amity Elliot. She was running up and down the mountain -- having no problem at all.

"It was really crazy," Wondervu Cafe owner Adeline Ortiz said.

She said the storm slowed business a bit.

“I know when it does this to me, it’s great because I know it's water and it’s great because we’re all on (water) wells,” Ortiz said.

Good to look on the bright side when homes are covered with a few feet of snow.

As far as the roads, they’ve been plowed and cleared pretty nicely.

But the concern people in the town said is there are still people who don’t have electricity or phone service.

It could be days before all the snow melts and life in Ward can get back to business as usual.

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