Branches break, trees snap in snowstorm’s aftermath

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DENVER -- Branches broke and leafed-out trees snapped under the weight of heavy, wet snow that fell across the Front Range on Thursday and Friday.

Hundreds of trees had branches snap or fell over in Fort Collins, leaving several thousand people without power.

Colorado State University closed its campus Thursday afternoon because of safety concerns from the falling branches. The university reopened Friday, but damage was widespread.

Several trees in the city could still snap or be uprooted during the day Friday. School officials alerted students and staff to avoid parking, biking or walking near snow-covered trees.

A barn at the Elkhorn Lodge in Estes Park collapsed under the weight of snow. Estes Park received 31 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service.

The American Red Cross set up a shelter in Estes Park for travelers who were stuck in the area because of the storm.

Another barn collapsed in Loveland. There were no injuries, though some livestock were inside at the time of the collapse.