Customers flock to view owls nesting in Colorado Springs home improvement store

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A group of owls didn’t have to worry about finding shelter from the storm Thursday because they’ve called a local Lowe’s store home for the past three months.

The owls took up residence in the garden center of the home improvement store and have been drawing crowds ever since, FOX21 reports.

“My wife accuses me of spending more time here than home,” said Ron Richer, a fan of the indoor wildlife.

As the store attracts more customers, employees have been careful to keep the owls safe.

“If one’s on the ground, we block it off and give it a 20-foot barrier because curiosity seekers get a little too close,” store manager Butch Beasley said.

Visitors often whip out their cellphones to get a good snapshot of the owls, which is far easier in the contained environment where they are easily viewed.

Beasley speculates the store became the owls’ home of choice simply because of the convenient location.

“We’re close to the creek and so there’s a lot of habitat down there, so I think that’s why they’re close by,” Beasley said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said the owls might call the store their new home for at least a few more months before they fly off to find a new place to nest.

While customers are loving the view, a few employees at the store are crossing their fingers that the owls will find a new place to roost.

“Our busy season is tough because you can see they’re right in that main aisle, so there’s a lot of congestion there going on when we deal with quite a few customers on the weekend,” Beasley said.

Owl watchers disagree and are hoping their feathered friends stay put as they grow.

“Now it’s just like, you can hardly tell the difference between mom and the kids,” said Richer. “It just makes you want to — wish you could just touch them and pet them.”