Landlord confronted in Lakewood apartment nightmare

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- It sounds like Niagara Falls in Katharine Krueger's home at the Gatewood Terrace Apartments in Lakewood.

She tells the Problem Solvers, “I’m going to be left chasing buckets until this storm ends.”

FOX31 arrived to discover holes every few feet with water streaming from the soggy ceiling into buckets.

Krueger says she can’t shower because the bathroom is flooded and water is even falling into the center of a bed, making it impossible to sleep.

The Problem Solvers also found water streaming from the emergency exit signs in the building’s hallway.

The residents say they are being forced to live in misery. Krueger says the recent hail storm caused serious problems with the roof, but the landlord has not had the roof repaired.

Now a major concern is the growth of black mold due to the excessive moisture. The FOX31 Problem Solvers Team asked landlord Roger Loecher about what could be done for the residents.

He said, “we're making arrangements for these people all to be moved to a different place."

Loecher also says the roof will be fixed and that he truly cares for his tenants.

The Problem Solvers will continue to follow-up on the progress at Gatewood Terrace. Katharine says she is relieved, “thank you I don't even think words are sufficient.”

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