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Homeowner Hacks

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Hacks are everywhere these days, helping us work smarter, not harder. Today's Homeowner Danny Lipford shares some helpful hacks for around the house.

We’re going to start with some household dryer sheets here – you can pick a box of these for under $2.50. But we’re not going to do laundry.
Here are some things you can do with dryer sheets:

  • Cleaning window blinds – dryer sheets have a bit of texture to them, so they’re great for picking up dirt and dust. You can even use recycled sheets after they’ve been through the dryer.
  • Added bonus - dryer sheets have anti-static properties, so they’ll actually repel dust from landing on your blinds in the future.
  • You can apply this same hack to cleaning your electronics like the back of TVs, tuners, cable boxes, etc.
  • Another great item to clean with a dryer sheet is ceiling fan blades. To avoid climbing a ladder, wrap a dryer sheet around a paint roller/extender and secure it with a rubber band, and then run along the fan blades to clean.
  • Dryer sheets are also great for deodorizing things - tape one to the edge/intake side of a small fan, or place one in your gym bag or suitcase for a fresh smell.
  • You can also make your whole house smell amazing – you see we have an air filter here…. Take your favorite essential oil, or even an extract like vanilla or almond, and place a few drops on the filter. Install the filter, and the scent will permeate your whole house in no time!



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