Tips to help protect gardens from spring snowstorm

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DENVER -- Snow is making its way to the Denver metro area, and that could spell trouble for plants and trees.

Experts said now is the time to prepare for the May cold snap. Flowers such as marigolds and petunias will be especially vulnerable under snow.

“Any vegetables or herbs, you definitely want to protect them,” said Ace Hardware lawn and gardening manager David Arabie.

That protection comes with covering plants, according to Arabie.

An old sheet or products from a gardening store will work -- anything that will allow the plants to breathe.

But experts say make sure to provide support under a covering to ensure heavy snow will not crush plants. Coverings for some smaller trees are also available at gardening stores.

Coverings available at most garden shops should cost just less than $20.

“If you’re getting a lot of snow and you start seeing the branches bend, get your push broom out there and shake it,” Arabie said.

Adding some insulation around exposed pipes could help with pipe maintenance and sprinkler systems.

Better yet, draining exposed pipes through a bleeder valve is the best option.