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2 toddlers wander away from Aurora day care

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AURORA, Colo. -- An Aurora family is upset with their day care center after two toddlers wandered away without anyone noticing.

It happened Monday at Rising Stars Daycare at 12291 E. Cornell Ave. Both of the boys were 2 years old.

"I did a double take. One of the kids (Mason) was mine," said Mike Maggard, who spotted the toddlers running down the street.

"I was panicked. It was bad. I was terrified. I thought they were just going to run out into the street. They don't know any better. He doesn't know."

"He's a runner, for sure. Everywhere we go, he's always running," said Terra Bell, Mason's mother.

Maggard picked up the two boys and took them back to the day care.

"They couldn't really explain what happened. They just said the teacher was busy changing a diaper and lost track of them," said Maggard.

The day care said the incident is a "nonissue." They said the boys wandered away while outside with a teacher who got distracted. They said they were only missing for a few seconds.

The mother of the other 2-year-old also believes the incident was not a "big deal."

"It's a safe day care and we trust them," Loula Aeden said.

But Maggard and Bell said the day care's explanation doesn't cut it.

"No, they're definitely not going back," Bell said.