Delivery man brings pizza to ‘hangry’ passengers on broken train

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NEWPORT, Del. — A pizza delivery man saved the day for passengers stuck on a stalled Amtrak train over the weekend.

A passenger on the Washington-bound train said he got “hangry” after waiting on the train for more than an hour.

He posted video of the pizza worker walking close to the tracks to deliver the pizza near Newport, Del. on Sunday.

“Stuck on @amtrak 161 got hangry and problem solved,” passenger Mitch Katz tweeted.

The pizza man, Jim Leary, told the Associated Press that it took some serious dedication to deliver the pizzas.

Leary said he had to cut through yards, navigate a steep embankment and jumped over a water-filled ditch to save the day for the stranded passengers.

The 46-year-old said it was the strangest deliveries he’s made in his 17 years of delivering pizza.

“I do whatever it takes,” Leary told the AP.

Amtrak said the delay was caused by a mechanical issue.

“There was a mechanical issue that delayed Northeast Regional Train 161,” an Amtrak spokesman told Consumerist in a statement. “Most passengers were accommodated on additional trains. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to our passengers.”

The passengers eventually made it to Washington three hours late, ABC News reports.