Shoot Like A Girl mobile range at Cabela’s allows ‘safe, controlled environment’

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DENVER -- Back in the day, if you told someone they shoot like a girl, you'd be cracking wise. Today, say the very same thing and it would be a compliment.

And that suits Karen Butler just fine. Butler owns and operates the Shoot Like A Girl mobile range at Cabela's.

"Inside, ladies can go in and shoot a pistol, a rifle and a bow in a safe, controlled environment with an NRA certified instructor and an archery coach," Butler said.

Launched in 2009, Butler's mission is to reach out to as many women as possible to allow them to experience something that she calls empowering.

"The self satisfaction that comes when you aim at a target, you squeeze the trigger, you release the arrow, and you hit where you are aiming at. It's such a great feeling of empowerment and confidence that will translate to every aspect of their life," Butler said.

Ana Torres of Aurora was throwing arrows down range for the first time.

"You have control over something that you thought you never had control over, like a gun. It makes you feel like, oh yeah, I can totally shoot a gun now and not be scared."

The pistol and rifle range is a state-of-the-art simulation, but sounds very real. The archery range is the real McCoy, just like the experience women will get if they learn, says Butler, to shoot like a girl.