Fitness Classes for Mom

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Every Mother's Day, most everyone asks themselves "What would Mom must love?" Joana shopped around for some ideas, and since it's Fitness Friday, we start with some fitness classes.

The Babies on Board Class will soon be available at the Xtend Barre in Highlands Ranch. It's a post natal fitness class designed to give moms a dynamic ballet barre workout with the pilates element and your little on in tow. No need for a babysitter here, your heart will be pumping and your little one fully entertained. They are having their first workshop May 24 so go to for more information.

The next one is pretty cool, it's Volo Yoga with a hammock. The creators say the motion of the hammock brings the baby back to the safety and comfort of the womb. It bonds baby and parent by taking them through a flow of gentle poses using music, touch and sensory development. The class is an hour and open to parents and babies at least 6 weeks old to pre-walking. Go to for more information.