Fire officials issue warning after rattlesnake bites Broomfield resident

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. — The North Metro Fire Rescue District is issuing a warning after a rattlesnake bit a Broomfield resident walking on a trail near West 10th Avenue west of Highway 287 on Monday.

The victim called 911 and fire rescue members were able to get the person to a hospital for treatment. That person, whose name, age and gender weren’t released, will be OK, fire officials said.

Firefighters want anyone on trails and open spaces to remember to be extra cautious for rattlesnakes this time of year, and to keep dogs on leashes.

According to Denver Health Medical Center, most rattlesnake bites are on hands, feet and ankles. Officials recommend wearing hiking boots or tennis shoes and thick socks while walking or hiking.

Denver Health also recommends carrying a walking stick to whack tall grass or bushes before walking near them.

Officials say if a rattlesnake is spotted, calmly and quietly back way at least 5 feet.

If someone gets bitten, call 911 and wait for help. If possible, take a photo of the snake to identify the type.

Keep the bitten arm or leg at or slightly below heart level, remove all tight clothing and jewelry, and avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol, or taking any drugs.

Officials say do not cut the bite or try to suck out the venom.

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