Paralyzed mom gets fantasy photo shoot with son for Mother’s Day

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MELBOURNE, Australia — A team of photographers, artists, climbers and editors came together to help give a paralyzed mother and her son a photo shoot they could only dream of.

Photographers Karen Alsop and Benjamin Von Wong teamed up for a special shoot with the heART Project, a group that uses photography to “spread love to families who have experienced hardship through the financial constraints and challenging scenarios that can come up in daily life.”

They recently completed a stunning series of photos featuring Sarah-Jane Staszak, an adventurous Australian mom, who was left paralyzed after undergoing routine surgery, and her 8-year-old son, Hamish.

In one photo, Staszak is free from her wheelchair — and from gravity — running along a path of floating rocks toward her son.

In another photo, Hamish is pulled along for a wild ride behind his mother’s wheelchair.

The team seemed willing to go to the ends of the Earth to give Stasnak and her son the adventure shoot of a lifetime.

“We wanted to give her another chance to experience the sensation of being high up in her old stomping grounds, so we dangled her off the edge of a cliff in her wheelchair with her son,” Von Wong said on Facebook.

And the results were nothing short of fantastic.

“This project resonated with me so much as a mother. SJ has inspired us all with her determination to push through and give her boy the best life possible, and to continue to live a life of adventure,” Alsop wrote on Facebook.

Alsop shared a look behind the scenes at the massive team effort required to complete the photo shoot and achieve the final, magical look.

Stasnak recently started a GoFundMe page to help make the Blue Mountains more wheelchair-friendly and accessible.

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