2 years after being hit by lightning, Golden man completes coast-to-coast biking trip

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- "The Lord gave me life again so now I praise him every day for being alive," Jerry Leenheer said.

Leenheer said he has a second chance at life after nearly losing his own in July 2015, WTKR reported.

He was struck by lightning while cutting trees in Golden. Leenheer's wife, Cora Jean Leenheer saved his life by giving him CPR.

"For all intents and purposes, I was dead," Jerry Leenheer said in 2015.

Jerry Leenheer decided to see the country at bike speed along Highway 60. He started in Santa Monica, Calif., to Virginia Beach, Va., in October 2015.

"Basically follow that through all the cities and read up on the history and met the people, experienced the cultures, went to churches," Leenheer said. "It's been a great retirement hobby."

He's accompanied by his wife in the car.

"I usually try to drive the route that he's going to ride so that I have an idea of where he'll be if so have to go rescue him and also that way I can see if there's a problem," Cora Gene Leenheer said.

The two say they've been through places such as the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Mohave Desert.

"That's why we're doing Virginia now because we wanted to see the South in the springtime," Cora Gene Leenheer said.

Jerry Leenheer said he rides up to six hours a day and five days a week. However, he mentioned he doesn't ride in the rain, but it's not because of his fear of lightning.

"I have rain gear, but it's very uncomfortable when especially on heavy traveled highways," Leenheer said. "The spray from passing vehicles, viability problems. It's dangerous."

He adds that this trip has been a two-year experience he'll never forget.

"I've basically seen all of America and I'm sort of sad it's over," Leenheer said.

Jerry Leenheer ended his bike travel Wednesday afternoon.

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