Students’ reaction to girl’s new prosthetic leg is precious

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BIRMINGHAM, England — When a 7-year-old girl strutted across the schoolyard on her new prosthetic leg, the reaction from her fellow students was precious.

BBC Midlands Today tweeted video of the girl, identified as Anu, debuting her pink sports blade at school in Birmingham, England.

The little girl smiles as she approaches a group of students, who rush over to check out her high-tech prosthetic.

One girl gives her a big hug and then another girl hugs her, too.

“Want to see it run?” Anu asks.

She runs ahead of her schoolmates and they playfully chase after her.

Toward the end of the video, Anu and another girl walk hand in hand across the playground, smiling and laughing.

Until recently, Anu had a basic prosthetic that limited her mobility, “leaving her unable to truly run, dance and play the way most children can,” BBC Midlands reported.

A new British government program helped Anu receive a new sports blade model.

“It makes me run faster and do my street dancing faster,” Anu told BBC Midlands.