Teachers turn to crowdfunding for supplies

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DENVER -- Tight budgets for teachers across America are forcing many to get creative. Research from the crowdfunding site GoFundMe shows 91 percent of teachers used their own money to pay for school supplies.

The teachers spent an average of $500 per year. The challenge for many is providing a quality education without the best learning tools available.

Smith Elementary School teacher Amanda Eckert is boldly taking on that challenge.

“I think someone has to do it for the kids who really don't have the opportunities," she said.

Eckert, the special education chair and teacher leader at the school, set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to buy iPads for her class.

She hopes to give students an educational edge down the road.

“Most jobs are going toward technology and a lot of our students are now expected when they go into the workforce to be technology capable," she said.

The report shows in Colorado, there are 1,745 K-12 GoFundMe campaigns running. So far, they've raised $854,000 from 14,700 donors.

Many would call Eckert a real Problem Solver, but she said it's all just part of being a devoted teacher.

“My job is to really broaden the students’ horizon and make them dream big and believe in themselves," she said.

To find local GoFundMe campaigns that benefit students, visit the GoFundMe website and search for school supplies programs by area code.

There are a few Colorado campaigns that are running.

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