Red Sox ‘sickened’ by racist treatment of Orioles’ Adam Jones at Fenway Park

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BOSTON — The president of the Red Sox issued a statement Tuesday, apologizing to Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones for the “inexcusable behavior” of an “ignorant few.”

“A disrespectful fan threw a bag of peanuts at me,’’ Jones told USA Today after Monday’s game. “I was called the N-word a handful of times tonight. Thanks. Pretty awesome.’’

Jones told the paper it was one of the worst experiences in his 12-year career in Major League Baseball.

“Boo me, tell me I suck. Just leave the racial stuff out of it,” Jones told the Boston Globe.

“It’s unfortunate that people need to resort to those type of epithets to degrade another human being. I’m trying to make a living for myself and for my family,” USA Today quoted Jones as saying.

“The best thing about myself is that I continue to move on, and still play the game hard. Let people be who they are. Let them show their true colors.”

Commissioner Rob Manfred also issued a statement about the incident.

The fan who threw the peanuts was reportedly escorted out of the ballpark. Jones called the fan’s behavior pathetic and said he thought the man should have faced more serious repercussions.

“They need to fine them 10 grand, 20 grand, 30 grand. Something that really hurts somebody,” Jones told USA Today.

“The Red Sox want to publicly apologize to Adam Jones and the entire Orioles organization for what occurred at Fenway Park Monday night,” Red Sox President Sam Kennedy said in a statement. No player should have an object thrown at him on the playing field, nor be subjected to any kind of racism at Fenway Park.”

“The Red Sox have zero tolerance for such inexcusable behavior, and our entire organization and our fans are sickened by the conduct of an ignorant few.”

Kennedy said officials are still reviewing the events. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker called the incident “unacceptable and shameful” on Twitter.

Red Sox player Mookie Betts also spoke out on Twitter and asked fans to join him in standing up for Jones.

The series between the teams continues Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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