Police investigate racist letter sent to Longmont family

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LONGMONT, Colo. — Police are investigating an anonymous, racist letter sent to a Longmont family last week.

“You and your family should not be in this white neighborhood. You and your brown boys are not welcome. Go back to where you came from. Your (sic) in Trump’s country now. #MAGA,” read the letter, which was left anonymously.

The hashtag stands for “Make America Great Again,” which was President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

Police told the Longmont Times-Call that the letter was postmarked from Denver on April 20 and arrived to the family on Wednesday.

On Sunday, Boulder Showing Up for Racial Justice shared the letter on Facebook along with a message from the family.

“We know that this does not represent the sentiment of most of the people here, but that doesn’t make this less awful,” the family’s message read. “Or less scary. Or make us less angry and worried.

“Here is my request. Be kind to each other. Treat others with even more compassion than ever before. Go out of your way to make friendly eye contact with strangers, with people who appear to be different than you (but who are truly, as fellow members of our human race, very much the same), and to quickly and firmly speak up against any hate based speech or act.”

Police have not tracked down the sender but are continuing to investigate.