Spicer: Hugely successful first 100 days

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WASHINGTON — Days after President Donald Trump labeled the commonly accepted 100 day benchmark “an artificial barrier,” saying the yardstick is “not very meaningful,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer touted the accomplishments of the new administration.

“In the context of an entire administration, there is a lot that I think we feel very proud that we’ve gotten off … gotten done and taken care of,” he said Monday.

Spicer was less enthusiastic about questions asking whether the stalled action repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act should be labeled a failure.

Instead, Spicer focused on the movement from the administration that may come after the 100 day mark.

“(Trump will) move forward on tax reform, health care, on immigration, on trade, it’s been a huge, hugely successful first hundred days,” Spicer said.