Colorado would be significantly impacted if government shuts down

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DENVER —┬áCongressional leaders and the White House remain at odds with a spending package to keep the federal government open after Friday. The White House is demanding funding for President Donald Trump’s controversial border wall.

While a shutdown remains highly unlikely, White House press secretary Sean Spicer couldn’t guarantee a shutdown would be averted during his afternoon news conference Monday.

So what would an impact be on Colorado? In short, significant.

The Denver Federal Center in Lakewood is the largest campus of civilian federal employees outside of Washington. More than 6,000 are employed there over 700 acres.

Employees said Monday the last time there was a shutdown, many contractors lost three weeks of pay.

Other possible consequences include the closure of national parks and forcing military employees to work without pay.

Sources indicate the likely outcome of the looming shutdown is a short-term extension if a compromise is not reached. Complete government shutdowns are almost always bad politics and lawmakers know that.

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