Paying it forward from Hawaii to Denver

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KONA, HI -- If you believe in fate, you'll certainly believe in the kindness shown in this story.

Our Unique 2 Colorado Reporter, Kevin Torres, was heading out on vacation last Saturday when he struck up a conversation with a 64-year-old woman who was on an adventure of her own.

"I left Michigan two and  a half weeks ago with a cargo trailer," said Sue Bainton. "I've been traveling from East to West".

By Sue's account, she had traveled more than 24,000 miles at that point. She stopped in Denver so she could fly out to California to visit her granddaughter. Sue was making the trip solo.

"Does it get lonely at all?" asked Torres. "Oh no! I'm my best friend. I fell in love with myself a few years back, which really helps!"

Sue believes everything happens for a reason and there are also reasons why people enter our lives.

"This is fun!" she said. "I actually had a vision of someone hearing my story and wanting to write it or record it".

Her story became more and more interesting as the conversation continued. But as Torres and Sue boarded the flight, Torres figured he'd never see her again and said his 'goodbye'.

"Maybe we'll see each other in the future sometime!" Torres said.

"I know we will!" she responded with a smile.

Turns out, she was right. The moment the plane landed, Sue was waiting at the gate. She handed Torres a note and asked him not to read it until he boarded his flight for Hawaii.

He agreed, gave her a hug and they both went their own separate ways.

Once Torres boarded the flight and opened the note, he was surprised by what was inside it.

To find out what Kevin discovered and where the gesture brought him, hit 'play' on his 'Unique 2 Colorado' story. If you have a story idea for Kevin you can message him on Facebook.

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