Georgia teens accused of killing grandparents, living with their bodies for days

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GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia teenager and her boyfriend have confessed to killing her grandparents, living with them for several days after and planning to kill several other people, according to police.

WSB-TV reports Cassie Bjorge, 17, confessed to killing her grandparents, Wendy and Randall Bjorge, and added she and her boyfriend, Johnny Rider, 18, planned to kill several other of their family members.

“She also said they were planning on killing Johnny’s family and there were plans on killing her mother also,” Gwinnett County homicide Det. Dave Brucz said in court Wednesday, according to WSB.

Police said the teens used a tire iron, hammer, baseball bat and butcher knives to beat and slice the throats of Bjorge’s grandparents.

Bjorge admitted to police that they stayed in the home for days afterward. They smoked marijuana and invited friends over for a party.

The two caulked the doors to keep the smell under control as their friends at the party had no idea Bjorge’s dead grandparents were upstairs.

Bjorge and Rider also pretended the grandparents were still alive.

“She admitted after the murder she was texting family members because they were worried about them, and she was pretending to be Wendy,” Brucz said.

Police added that while Bjorge has confessed to the crimes, Rider has not, according to WSB.