Tipster reveals how Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins covered up identity

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YREKA, Calif. — Tad Cummins was an intensely sought fugitive, trumpeted from coast to coast as the Tennessee teacher accused of running off with his 15-year-old student.

But before his capture this week, he and the young woman he called his wife slipped into a remote Northern California community unrecognized and Cummins passed himself off for days as a down-on-his-luck Colorado man who’d just lost his job and home, according to the man who eventually tipped off police.

Cummins was arrested — and the girl, 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas, was found safe — Thursday outside a cabin in Cecilville, Calif., ending a 39-day hunt for the teen who was reported missing some 1,900 miles away in her hometown south of Nashville.

The former teacher is facing federal and state charges stemming from her disappearance. The girl is expected to be returned to relatives in Tennessee Friday, her family said.

The two spent at least one night in the cabin, police said. But they’d been in the heavily wooded area 60 miles south of the Oregon border since at least last week, according to Griffin Barry, who said he eventually helped police capture Cummins.

Cummins and the teen arrived at a Cecilville-area gas station last week, apparently on their way to visit a commune, Barry told KDRV.

Cummins, 50, told Barry he was 44, and that the teen was his 22-year-old wife, Barry told KRCR.

“He was saying he was from Colorado. He said he had a house fire and he got fired from his job, and he had his last $10 or whatever,” Barry told KRCR. “I gave him $40 and put gas in his tank.”

The pair went to the commune but returned to the gas station Tuesday, apparently having been turned away, Barry told KDRV.

Barry said he offered Cummins work — moving rocks — and a place to stay: A small cabin for which Barry was the caretaker.

But Barry said he eventually became suspicious, noting Cummins was driving a Nissan Rogue without any license plates, and that Cummins’ companion spoke few words for herself, he told KRCR and KOBI.

As he discussed and researched the pair with someone, Barry saw Cummins’ picture online in an urgent Amber Alert widely distributed by authorities.

He called police Wednesday night, KRCR reported, and authorities asked the caretaker to help them capture Cummins.

Thursday morning, Barry asked Cummins to come outside and help him build a rock wall on the property. When Cummins left the cabin, investigators were there to arrest him, the cabin’s owner, Monk O’Hare, said.

Siskiyou County sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Gilley confirmed his team worked with a neighbor to draw Cummins out of the cabin. Cummins was taken into custody. Elizabeth was walking behind him and was detained.

“There aren’t words in the English language to describe the level of relief and elation experienced by the Thomas family,” said Jason Whatley, the attorney for the girl’s family. “Now begins another hard chapter, but for now, we celebrate.”

Cummins and the girl disappeared March 13 as a police investigation into their relationship was heating up.

A high school health sciences teacher in the Tennessee town of Culleoka, Cummins had been suspended in February, less than a month after a student reported seeing him and the 15-year-old kissing in a classroom.

Surveillance video showed the pair at a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma City on March 15.

Cummins and the teen also visited a Wal-Mart in the Oklahoma Panhandle city of Guymon on March 16, and he rented a one-bed motel room in Guymon on March 16 and 17, a criminal complaint filed in federal court Thursday alleges.

After that, the trail appears to have gone cold.