Dad shares how his little girl died in unusual parking lot crash

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LAFAYETTE, Colo. -- A father from Lafayette is sharing his story about the tragic death of his 2-year-old daughter in Boulder County.

She was thrown from a car that was sitting in a parking lot on Sunday.

A small memorial marks the spot outside Wilfredo Cardoza's apartment where his daughter, Aelin, was killed in a most unusual way.

Cardoza was cleaning his car and his daughter couldn't stay away. She was standing in the rear cargo area of the Honda CRV when all of a sudden, it was hit by an out-of-control car.

"I saw her fall out ... on her back," Cardoza said.

At first, Cardoza thought she'd be OK even though she had been thrown onto rocky ground.

"I grabbed her and she hugged me and held me tight and I told her the scare is over," Cardoza said.

But it wasn't. The worst was yet to come.

"When I gave her to my wife ... I saw that her eyes were beginning to close and she was turning white," Cardoza said.

It turns out a woman was learning to drive when she hit a car in the parking lot and mistook the gas pedal for the brake.

(Photo: Boulder County Sheriff's Office)

Blanca Alas-Sandoval had just started renting a room from the Cardoza family the day before.

"I began to go crazy," Cardoza said. "I picked her up and I asked God to please not take her. Give me the opportunity to see her grow up and I picked her up like that."

Aelin later died from internal bleeding.

Cardoza is hoping other people find safer places when learning to drive and hopefully prevent others from getting hurt.

A memorial service will be held for Aelin on Saturday and a GoFundMe account has been set to help the family with funeral expenses.

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