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Denver’s Neighborhood Nicknames

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Ernie Bjorkman takes a look at some of the nicknames for Denver's neighborhoods.

A lot of newcomers and even some old timers are having a tough time with Denver’s new nicknames for neighborhoods.

And some who grew up in these neighborhoods have a hard time accepting the new names.

Denver is getting like New York City which has names such as SoHo and Dumbo and we’re jumping on the bandwagon.

LoDo has been around for a while, since the 1980’s and of course means Lower Downtown.

Then there’s LoHi, lower Highlands, coined by a restraint owner 14 years ago so people could find his business.

Then there’s RiNo, or river north. Some local artists came up with the name after the city designated the area north of downtown as the river north district.

Westword editor Patty Calhoun would like to see even more nicknames like SoHam, south of Hampden.

And she and her staff have come up with more comical names such as DoDo for an area in downtown Downtown Denver.

NoCheese for the neighborhoods north of Cheeseman Park and how about the area west and south of Highlands…WeSoHi.

Who knows, they may stick.