A day in the life of Zipper’s training

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DENVER -- Places to go, people to see, things to learn, it's all in a days work for Zipper, the service dog-in-training.

"Zipper is 21 weeks old, he's 20 inches tall and he is 35 pounds. He's in about week six in his training and he's doing an awesome job," Erin Conley with Freedom Service Dogs of America said.

At Freedom Service Dogs of America, Zipper's day is all laid out. He just doesn't know that.

A very important part of Zipper's training is performed by his foster mom, Nadine Pace, who will take care of Zipper for the next two years, until he is eventually placed. "I'm able to socialize him, spend time with him. Socialize him with my dogs that I have at home as well," she said.

Then, of course, there is the training which is carefully and thoughtfully planned out. "Zipper this week has really been working on 'leave it.' It's an impulse control thing for him so it's good for toys, good for food, good for treats," said Michael Connors, Zipper's trainer.

Sometimes, even when Zip looks like he is just playing, it can, and often is, a part of his training, "It actually helps so when they go out in the public, they're used to seeing other dogs and they don't become what we call leash reactive."

Zipper is growing and learning and is exactly where he needs to be in his training, "He's actually moved up to the A minus range," said Connors.

Good boy, Zip. Now go on and have some fun.

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