One arrested after shots fired in Commerce City domestic violence incident

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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- Nobody was injured and one person was arrested after gunfire was reported Sunday night, the Commerce City Police Department said.

Police were called to the 6700 block of Albion Street just before 10:30 a.m. on reports of domestic violence with shots fired.

While no one was hit, a family was terrorized by the actions of a man who neighbors say pulled the trigger.

People who live along the modest street said they often hear arguing coming from inside the home. But neighbors say the fighting escalated to gunfire on Easter.

"I was out here doing my lawn," said a neighbor who only wanted to be identified as Steven.

He started Easter by trimming his lawn before heading over to join family to celebrate Christianity's most important holiday.

"It's the day our Lord resurrected and we celebrate that. That's what it means to me, family and Easter egg hunts for the kids," he said.

But the holiday also included a bizarre encounter with a neighbor.

"Then, he sees the cops and says, 'Can I go through your yard?' I said, ‘No.’ He took off anyway. That's when the cops took off. That's when they got him behind the yard," Steven said.

Police arrested the man for domestic violence and assault. But neighbors said he also fired two rounds of gunshots.

"Then, I heard it again, three to four shots both times. So I dialed 911," said another neighbor identified only as Keith.

Neighbors said they first heard arguing from the home. Then, the first volley of shots, followed by children screaming, "Don't hurt my mommy."

Then, the second round of gunfire. Police say they found evidence of rounds in a field behind the home but have yet to connect them to the suspect.

"(Families) supposed to celebrate, not argue," Steven said.

Then, a stepfather and stepson nearly went at it on the front lawn with an audience of police, neighbors and the news media with a front row seat.

"There's arguments over here and arguments over there. We're having a good time," Steven said.

"This whole neighborhood, people are starting to clean up, and straighten up and yard work is being done, landscaping. It's coming back to what it used to be. We don't need this kind of crap going on," Keith said.

Neighbors hope the peaceful spirit of Easter can brighten the shadow of anger cast over the street.

"Just hope it all straightens out," Keith said.

Police did not confirm the relationship between the suspect and the woman he allegedly assaulted. Neighbors say they have lived in the home less than a year.