Man reportedly stung by scorpion on United flight

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TORONTO — A man was reportedly stung by what was believed to be a scorpion on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Calgary, Alberta, on Thursday.

According to Global News Canada, the venomous creature fell out of an overhead bin and landed on the man’s head.

When the man, identified as Richard Bell, tried to pick it up, it stung him, GNC reported. Bell reportedly said it “felt like a wasp sting.”

Another passenger stomped on it and flushed it down a toilet. Bell’s wife described it the creature as “about an inch-and-a-half long and honey-colored.”

The Bells told GNC they used Google to find out whether scorpion stings were poisonous.

United told CNBC the airline crew immediately contacted a physician, who advised it until landing in Calgary, where a medical team was waiting.

The injury was not considered life threatening.

It’s not clear how the scorpion got on the plane. United is investigating the incident, according to Travel and Leisure.

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