See Dobby run: Denver Zoo’s baby giraffe is making great strides

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DENVER — Denver’s baby giraffe is up and running after some health scares immediately after his birth.

When Dobby was born Feb. 28, he was 5-foot and weighed 73 pounds — small for a newborn giraffe, Denver Zoo officials said.

Dobby had difficulty nursing and blood tests showed the newborn giraffe wasn’t getting enough infection-fighting proteins from his mother, zoo officials said.

Dobby underwent a plasma transfusion to help boost his immune system and to fight infections. The transfusion was made possible by a donation from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

In the next three weeks, Dobby grew at least 5 inches and gained more than 30 pounds.

On Wednesday, the zoo posted a video of the 6-week-old calf running around his exhibit as fast as his long, skinny legs would carry him.

The zoo said he was enjoying “stretching his legs in this beautiful spring weather.”

Dobby still has a lot of growing to do — but it’s happening fast.

“During the first two years of a giraffe’s life, it doubles its height to be almost 12 feet tall,” the zoo website states.

Dobby can often be seen in the yard with the rest of his herd, weather permitting, officials said.

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