Easter Wine and Candy Pairings

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Easter candy isn’t just for kids! Teale Eschliman shows us how to pair your favorite Easter treats  with these wines.


Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Rose - $27

Paired with Peeps

This Rose is light and refreshing and is extremely versatile for pairing with food. It is the perfect pairing for peeps in addition to the entire Easter meal

The bright acidity perfectly cuts through the creamy marshmallow flavor of Peeps

This is a well-crafted sparkling rose with beautiful color

Aromas of ripe strawberries and meyer lemon with flavors of tangy raspberries and bright acidity on the palate


Kunde Sauvignon Blanc - $17

Paired with Jelly Beans

Created on a family run estate in Sonoma Valley

This is my go-to refreshing white wine for the spring time and pairs excellently with jelly beans

Since jelly beans have a variety of flavors, the bright acidity of this Sauvignon Blanc helps to balance the flavors

This is a crisp yet smooth wine offering aromatics of honeysuckle and melon with citrus zest on the palate


Girard Old Vine Zinfandel- $24

Paired with Milk Chocolate Bunny & Dark Chocolate Bunny

Girard produces hand-crafted wines sources from Napa and Sonoma

This Zinfandel has a great balance between blackberry flavors with a hint of cocoa powder, toasted spices, and smokiness that makes for the perfect pairing with chocolate

Incredibly food friendly wine


Josh Cellars Legacy - $20

Paired with Cadbury Creme Eggs

This wine is a delicious blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Sirah

The richness of this wine complements the richness of the Crème Eggs

The wine is juicy with the plum and blackberry flavors prominent

The fresh plum and hazelnut flavors perfectly pair with the chocolate in the Crème Eggs



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