Colorado hunting, fishing licenses could increase by 50 percent

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DENVER -- A bill introduced at the Capitol could increase hunting and fishing licenses in Colorado by 50 percent to help pay for our resources.

With unmatched beauty and natural resources, it's no wonder that in 2015, more than 77 million people paid Colorado a visit. With those kinds of numbers, more money is needed to protect the resources.

"Taking care of our natural areas through access and maintenance of our public lands is through fees outside the general budget process," State Rep. Jeni Arndt said.

That's why House Bill 17-1321 was submitted last week. It includes up to a 50 percent increase in hunting and fishing licenses to help pay for the state's natural resources.

"Sportsmen are funding and maintaining our natural areas. They are caretakers and the stewards of our public lands," Arndt said.

Fees from hunting and fishing licenses go to search and rescue, managing state parks, and to the study and protection of nongame species in Colorado, just to name a few. Simply put, more money is needed to get the job done.

"We have a list of reservoirs we think will be closed for recreation this summer if this bill doesn't pass," Arndt said.